How to setup & configure a Records Center in Sharepoint 2007

Records Center Template is a powerful content management ability of Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007.

If you need to archive content without coping to create unique directory names or weed out documents to place them to libraries which they should reside; reports center is your simplest solution.

To create a Record Center Site, Navigate to Create Site and select "Records Center" under Enterprise Tab.

Here is a screenshot of Records Center Site:

Now suppose we want to record the employee's expense reports. 

  1. Create a new Records Center and name it : Records
  2. Create a document library in the Records Site, this will be the place you're going to archive your expense reports.
  3. In Records Center, Go to the Records Routing list and create an item called "expense report". Fill in the required areas like in the screenshot below. type the document library's name in step 2 in location text box. 

3.Create a new content type in the root site and name it : Expense Report

4. Navigate to Central Administration>Application Management > External Service Connections > Records Center 

Select "connect to a records center" and type the url as:


your site url should be something like this: http://contoso/records (depends on where you created your records center site)

Type a Display name. This display name will be visible when people select "send to" option from a document library to forward their document to the records site.

click ok to complete.

Now modify some library on your root site or anywhere under your root site to accept "expense report" content type. ( you can do so by navigating document library settings>advanced library settings, allow management of content types here. then return to settings page and add "expense report" content type there )

See? now when you select send to option, you see the "expense report" link.

When you click to send it, it is automatically  added to the expense reports document library under records center, under a folder with a unique name.

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