SharePoint trying to login deleted SSP database!

Yesterday I realized a very strange issue, on SharePoint Db server event log. Sharepoint admin user was continuosly throwing login failed errors on server event log

See? This event id= 18456 errors were not stopping and "Failure Audit" part  panicked me. But one moment.. Everything was working ok? no service interruption, moss was fine!

So i just logon to SQL Server Management Studio to Sharepoint DB see what was going on on SQL error logs.

Login failed to Genelssp_db!!
But.. Genelssp_db belonged to a Shared Services Provider (SSP)  which we deleted a few days ago!

Then with further investigation, found out that there is a job belonging to those dead and long gone  ssp  which was trying to delete expired sessions. GenelSSp_DB_Job_DeleteExpiredSessions

I disabled it and everything went fine..
The errors are gone.
I dont know why moss orphaned those job because I deleted this SSP via central administration and it was a succesfull deletion.. 

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