IE 8 Datasheet view problem in SharePoint 2007

On windows 7, with Internet Explorer 8 I was unable to switch the datasheet view in Sharepoint Lists.

When I tried to open the list in datasheet view IE8 crashes, closes the tab and reopens it by declaring "this tab has been recovered". however, it cannot open the url and says "We were unable to return you to the page you were viewing".

I tried several solutions offered on the net -  but they were proposed to different IE8/Sharepoint problems. 

It was obvious that this problem was related with Microsoft Office ...Finally, I tried running Office Diagnostics (which could be found under start menu> programs> microsoft office> tools) and it worked like a charm!  

I cant believe IE8 causing this many problems, if you try googling "ie8 sharepoint problems" you came across a huge pool of unsolved problems, maybe you should think twice upgrading to IE 8 when using SharePoint..

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