Upgrade to MOSS 2010

To upgrade my existing Moss 2007 installation, which is completely sitting on a 32 Bit Windows 2003 system, first step was to install a clean Moss 2007 on Windows 2008 Server (64-bit)

After installing  the brand-new Sharepoint 2007, I simply created a new Web Application and attached my content database to it. (You can find a detailed how-to here.)

After ensuring everything was working on the new installation, I started the SharePoint 2010 installation. Not very suprisingly, it required tones of stuff to be installed on the machine. which are:

- 2007 Office Server SP2 (Its a shame we're still on SP1)
- Windows Identity Foundation (which requires Windows Update service to be started to be installed!)
- Microsoft Sync Framework Runtime v.1.0
- SQL Server Native Client -very simple to install <3
- Enable Windows Server Roles- Features (just enabling Web Server and Application roles should do it)
- MS Filter Pack 2.0 (Which is very annoying to install, because on the net you find Filter Pack 1.0 only. the trick is that the real name of this package is Microsoft Office 2010 Filterpack. you should seek this package for installing Filter Pack 2.0)
- Hotfix KB976394
- PowerShell v.2.0
- Ms Chart controls for .net 3.5

After completing this steps you are ready to run the setup.exe of SharePoint 2010.. But beware the language packs! For example we had Turkish Language Pack installed on our old 2007 system.. But the release of Turkish Lang. pack for SharePoint 2010 will approximately be in July..So the upgrade will fail if you have Turkish Language Package installed on your 2007 SharePoint..

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