How to move reusable workflows between SharePoint farms

Reusable workflows, which  are introduced in SharePoint 2010, are cool!
You can create your workflow in development / test environments and then move it to production like a solution, it is very easy.

You should create the workflow as a reusable workflow from the start if you want to use it on other farms.
When you finish your workflow:

1- you have to export the Resuable workflow via SharePoint Designer. this could be done using the ribbon. select the Workflow you want to export.

Click save as template from the ribbon (as shown in the screenshot above)
Save it on your computer.

2. Open  the site you want to import your reusable workflow.
Navigate to Site settings > Galleries > Solutions
Click upload  solution from the Solution Ribbon. Select your solution and upload it.

3. Activate the solution you have just uploaded.

4. Now go to the site settings, site features. Activate the feature as well.

and your reusable workflow is ready to go!

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