Database Creation Assistant Fails during 2% complete with ora-12560

I was installing Oracle 10g to a Windows 2003 server yesterday and the installation went okay. But at the confuguration phase, dbca failed to create a general purpose database at %2 complete with  tns errors: ora-12560 and ora-12514.

So I cancelled the installation and head through metalink. After a few searches I first tried to remove / comment

row from sqlnet.ora file. (Note 164930.1)Then tried the dbca again; but no luck.

Then I found another note(Note 747243.1) stating that some policies could prevent the creation of oradba user and ora_dba group on windows. So the note suggested that I should manually create them and give it a try again. That was exciting  because I found out that there was a ORA_DBA group but no ORADBA user. So I immediately created a ORADBA user and add it to administrators group on the server. But unfortunately, this did not change anything, the error was still showing up at the exact same stage..

I hit google search and find that forum post, thankfully..

Finally, changing the Regional settings of the server solved the problem.  To change it, navigate to control panel, regional settings and change the language to US English in the regional options tab.. 

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